Your Sacred Anatomy                                     CoreIndividuationtm                                   

      In addition to creative arts, I work as a Practitioner of a subtle healing art called                                                            

      CoreIndividuation. This work, founded by Desda Zuckerman, is a link to the anatomy 

      of our energetic body and with its procedures, alignments and clearings, can allow the

      client to gain access to all of what they are made of and take their life into their own

      hands. By working together and building trust, the 90 minute session can open the

      door to the possibility that just maybe change can occur and a healing can take place. 

      Each session is unique every time and I as the practitioner am trained to hold the

      container for you the client to go only as deep as you are ready.


      Whether it is a career change or a deep trauma, an injury or a desire to deepen your 

      connection to your spirit, CoreIndividuation reveals often surprising truths you may

      have been unable to access. It can also hold space for new stories to be written and old

      ones to be let go of or held deep in the heart. Whatever your calling to this work may be,

      it's your soul seeking to be whole and your desire to stand shoulder to shoulder with

     something profound.

      If you are interested in gaining access to your own brilliance, releasing all of that which 

      may not serve you, and get to know what you are really made of, please contact me and 

      book a session.  It just might change your life...





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"CoreIndividuation is a new paradigm for transformational change based on the subtle energies of the Human Structure. These energies create an expanded anatomy that opens up the idea of who and what we are to include both the physical and the subtle into One Body.  At the very center of the Structure is a vertical pillar of light called the Core. For each of us a unique and beautiful oval shaped Structure manifests continually out of the energies of the Core. We are both the Core and the Individuation, both subtle and physical expressions."

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"You are the sum total of all your parts and these parts are infused with all the stamina and beauty of the self-realized cosmos. The universe stands ready to usher our species into a great age of awareness and peace to benefit all life."
-Desda Zuckerman