I believe in art as a mode of delivering the wisdom of the cosmos to the people. I envision a world where everyone can be a creative in whatever unique form they are able to deliver. By my being able to nurture what is of me onto the canvas, I am living my truth.

May all live their truth. 

Reason, Method, Understanding

Drawing the Elements

Growing up in a rural part of Sonoma County, I was enamored by the natural world and all of the delicate balances constantly at play. The observations I made from nature have shaped how I see the world and interact as a person, a two- legged as the Natives aptly prefer, and have given me the creative catalysts I desire as an artist. Before either the photo realistic pencil drawings or watercolor paintings (or any work for that matter),  I always tap into the subtle and work my way out, like the ripple effect, until the whole piece becomes a balanced organism unto itself. My goal is not to force anything but to adapt and allow for the truth to reveal itself  and to stream pure creativity onto the canvas. 


​Watercolors give me the opportunity to work out my desire for rich, vibrant displays on a canvas. I use them for the nurturing quality that can arrive when the blended colors are created into that one needed nuance for the piece. They delight and frustrate me all in the course of one paintings lifetime. 

My Vision

Graphite Pencil

I work with graphite pencils because of their forgiving nature and their ability to make a vivid creation out of black and white. They are my go to- my comfort and threshold all held in my left hand.